From ambition to realization

Looking for a new strategy as a tourist destination, development of your leisure facility, more insight into data about visitors and experience, stronger marketing or connection of different players within the sector?

Your ambition - Leisure Link - Result!

I'M LOOKING FOR... strategy and insights

Based on extensive insights in the guests and their experience, you can define your strategy.

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I'M LOOKING FOR... marketing and communications

To influence the amount, time, locations and type of visitors.

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I'M LOOKING FOR... new or improved leisure

Looking for growth in tourism or becoming a (better) tourist destination.

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What customers appreciate

Expertise, result-oriented and professional.

Clear phasing, evaluations and good communication.

Good value for money, fresh look and enthusiasm.


  • The working method appeals and she is able to quickly get to the heart of the matter. She delivered a thorough and practical report for Libema in a short period of time. (Dirk Lips - Libema)
  • The cooperation is always professional, pleasant, thorough and result-oriented. Guiding but also supporting. Tenacious and determined to meet and execute agreed agreements and goals. (Boet Hensen - Merlin Entertainments)
  • Leisure Link is a result-oriented agency that delivers an excellent end product in accordance with agreements made and interim substantive coordination about the course. (Madelon Martens, Municipality of The Hague)
  • I got to know Carolien as a driven professional who operates perfectly on the border between government and market. As project leader for the Tourism Chance Card of the municipality of The Hague, she managed to connect a large number of people to the project and herself. The sessions that we prepared and did together were excellently prepared by her. She knew exactly what it was all about and who played a key role. (Harry Michels - Strategy and Interaction)
  • Leisure Link provides clear and concise advice in the field of the leisure economy. Leisure Link is very action-oriented and communicative towards partners in the leisure market. (Jules Goris - Municipality of Den Bosch)
  • I've learned to know Carolien as a very energetic, result-driven personality, with a passion for the leisure industry. And above all: she serves with a smile! (Joris van Dijk - Madurodam)

News & Updates

  • 25.06.2024 A day with a director of a theater

    What does a theater director's day look like? You only really experience that when you walk along for a day. What are similarities with museums or attractions? Or unique in running a theater? And what is involved? Thanks to the hospitality of Harry de Bruin, Carolien was able to spend a day at the TheaterHangaar & Hangar2. Read the report here.

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  • 28.11.2023 BattleKart to The Netherlands

    Have you always wanted to be Mario Kart? It will soon be possible in the Netherlands! BattleKart is the perfect combination of electric karting, video games and augmented reality. In an electric kart you drive on a track where different circuits, bonuses and game modes are projected on the floor. A kart variant that is fun for all ages!

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  • 22.08.2023 Musical 40-45 comes to The Netherlands

    The countdown has begun! In 2024 the musical 40-45 from Studio100 will come to the Netherlands! An impressive and innovative performance with a beautiful story. For this project, the contribution was small and yet large: finding a suitable place.

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