• TheaterHangaar Katwijk
    21.06.2024 Trip to the theater

    A day spent shadowing the director of the TheaterHangaar in Katwijk. What does a theater director's day look like? Are there similarities with museums or attractions and what is unique to the theater world? What is on this director's plate?

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  • Bezoeker vult een vragenlijst in
    11.06.2024 View of the visitors

    Requesting a review for online scores is now very common. But asking (potential) visitors about their findings is also very valuable for improving the content, hospitality, organization and experience.

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  • 22.04.2024 Tips for themed years

    It is a golden formula to put the spotlight on a specific theme or a specific region: a themed year. However, there is a lot involved in the organization. Carolien Nederlof and Elizabeth Stoit talk about successes, challenges and learning points.

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  • Bezoekers in een museum
    12.04.2024 Importance and impact

    Over the last 30 years, the amount of leisure time has decreased and is increasingly perceived as fragmented. At the same time, the number of visits to cities, leisure facilities and catering establishments has been rising sharply for years. It has been a while since Joe Pine introduced the experience economy (1998), which is mainly about perception and experiences rather than products and services. How important is leisure for Dutch people?

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  • 29.11.2023 Feasable visitors

    Determining the number of visitors is essential for a museum, attraction, sauna complex, indoor play paradise or theater in the business case and the associated operation. The number of visitors is often determined by means of a feasibility study. High numbers regularly appear in plans for a new attraction, experience or museum. How realistic is a certain number of visitors? What factors influence feasibility?

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  • 26.04.2023 Royal results

    Translating royal roots into touristic result, lessons learned from various cases.

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  • 04.02.2020 What can an iconic event mean for citybranding?

    What can an iconic event mean for citybranding?

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