Leisure Link translates leisure ambitions into visible results.

These ambitions can be the strengthening of touristic attractiveness, the improvement of the marketing or stimulation of collaboration between leisure organizations in a region or city.


To grow and develop as a touristic destination, leisure operator or real estate owner, it’s necessary to have a clear view of what’s desired to be achieved. Leisure Link creates a strong strategy, where organizations, employees or stakeholders can work with.

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Many regions or cities are looking for new leisure operators. At the same time, leisure companies search for new opportunities and locations. With the right approach, suitable companies can be linked to specific locations.
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To attract visitors, marketing is an essential activity of a company. However, effective marketing depends strongly on what you want to achieve and more importantly, who. Leisure Link realizes a clear view on goals, your audience and the necessary marketing activities.
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Project- and (interim) management

Sometimes leisure companies -like destination marketing organizations, attractions or governments- have a specific project to be realized or a (interim) management problem. Leisure Link is experienced in realizing leisure projects or solving (interim) management problems. Read more »


Marketscan for Koezio

A research into the Dutch leisuremarket for Koezio, including a search for possible sites.

Conceptdevelopment city hall Vaals

Creating a concept and doing a general feasibility for the 18th century city hall of Vaals.

Storyline royal

Developing a royal storyline through Holland, including content creation, marketing and product development.

Acquisition Legoland

Acquisition of the Legoland Discovery Centre to the beach front of The Hague.