Marketscan Koezio

A research in the Dutch leisure market, including looking for the best possible sites to develop a Koezio.

Conceptdevelopment city hall Vaals

Creating an attraction for the city hall of Vaals, including a general feasibilitystudy.

Helping leisure operators

Searching for leisure operators who want to enter the Dutch market and guiding them in the process of realizing one ore more locations.

Storyline royal

Developing a storyline through Holland for five cities/regions with a royal history. Including creating content, marketing activities and developing the products.

Developing the Museumquarter

Coordinating the activities concerning organising, programming and marketing of the Museumquarter The Hague.

Projectplan storyline

Project proposal to develop a storyline through Holland connecting all ‘royal’ locations.

Acquisition Legoland

Acquisition of the Legoland Discovery Centre to the beach front of The Hague.


Touristic strategy Den Bosch

Creating the touristic strategy for the city of Den Bosch for the next four years, inclusding golas, targets and projects.


A research into the possibilities for the development of the Museumquarter The Hague to attract more visitors and letting them stay longer.

Expansion Sea Life

Assisting expansion Sea Life, primarily with permits and marketing.

Touristic strategy The Hague

Creating the touristisc strategy for the city of The Hague, in collaboration with the most prominent leisure parties.

Expansion Madurodam

Assisting amusement park Madurodam The Hague with the expansion plans.

Pedestian signage

Development of the pedestian signage in a city, including maps and touristic information about the area.

Realization hop-on hop-off tram

Support of the realization of the Tourist Tram.

E-Commerce TUI

Development of the websites of Tui (touroperator), booking engines for the franchise stores and implementation of online marketing.

Realization christmas tram

Touristic maps

Development of touristic maps, used online, in folders, in the pedestrian signage and in parking garages.

English information in tram/bus